Road director Lionel Coleman has been named one of four participants in the 2018-2019 CBS Directors Initiative.  While still maintaining his availability through Road Pictures for commercial and branded work, he will be shadowing the production of one or more major CBS drama series.  It’s an amazing opportunity.  Here’s a link to the official announcement:

CBS Directors Initiative Announcement

I love this quote from his bio on that link regarding his directorial ethos:  Lionel ‘began to build a point of view around what Eudora Welty called “the still moment,” that fleeting, nearly uncapturable now.’  

Working with Lionel is indeed about ‘capturing the now;’ his style has a documentary immediacy – every shot rings true…but his footage is always beautiful to look at.  His is an experienced cinematic eye.

Athletics, tourism, healthcare, celebrities, docu-style…if you’ve got a project in those realms or anywhere near them, you should give us a call about Lionel.  And if they’re not in those realms…well, so much the better:  Lionel as a filmmaker is up for anything, any challenge, any opportunity.

Here’s a link to his portfolio on our website:

Congrats, Lionel on this terrific honor.