Living as I do in the world of sponsored content, I love the opportunity to occasionally step outside that world. Road Pictures director Tim Taylor has brought several ideas to us, and we’re so glad that we’ve been able to partner with him. Two of our favorites are award-winning short documentaries, “Citizen Teklit,” which follows the journey from refugee to American citizenship for a young man from Eritrea, and “Go Get Your Horn,” where a monthly jam session at Indianapolis’s renowned Jazz Kitchen brings a diverse group of music lovers together.

Both films speak directly to today’s issues. Immigration as an issue is first in line on our news feeds many days. And the universality of music provides common ground in today’s oft-divided society.

Tim as a filmmaker is focused on hope. It’s something we too often lose sight of: There is hope in this world, there is goodness, there is joy. And getting to make those points through the art of the motion picture is something I relish as a producer. I hope I have many more opportunities.

Cliff Ratliff in “Go Get Your Horn”